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Our Landscape Design Philosophy in the Twin Cities area

"Design is Our Passion"


We believe that communicating the design is the foundation of all successful, dramatic, and beautiful landscapes, and in creating the long-lasting enjoyment of your new outdoor living space. Design is a collaborative process with our clients. We take the time to listen and advise, to gather information, and maintain a dialogue with you throughout the process.


Good landscape design comes from creating a harmony with the style of your home and its surroundings, resolving the issues of the site, identifying your needs – along with your wants, hopes and dreams, and incorporating them into a carefully-crafted composition of space that pulls it all together. We offer some of the very latest photo-rendering and 3D modeling tools to visualize the space as thoroughly as possible in communicating the design to you.


Combined, we have been recognized seven times in MNLA landscape design awards and twice by PLANET at the national level for landscape design. We are college-educated and degreed in landscape design, horticulture, and landscape architectural related fields, and maintain an active continuing-education program through various professional associations.

"Service is Our Solution"

Initial Meeting

To start you on the path to your new landscape, Landscape Design Studios will meet with you at your home to discuss your wants, needs, hopes and dreams. We will discuss the budgeting strategies for the project. With this detailed information, we will start to formulate a concept of what your landscape could be.


After our extensive discussion, Landscape Design Studios will quote you a price for our Landscape Design Service, with options for CAD modeling, photo-rendering, design graphics, and constructions drawings. If you love the ideas we discuss, we will enter a Design Services Agreement based on the scope of work that we have identified and begin the design process. Before we leave your site, we will lay out a timeline for the design process and set up our schedules for a design presentation appointment. Landscape Design Studios will proceed with the design of your new landscape and outdoor living space, keeping you informed throughout the process.

Design Presentation and Budget Study

At our design presentation appointment we will show you thorough plans and graphics of the design, illustrating and discussing all of its features, based on the scope of work and time we had budgeted. We will review all of the materials that were selected for your project and the options that you have, and address the budget information and pricing options that we have for you. We want you to envision your project and be able to see your dreams becoming a reality, and identify any measures to make it as affordable of an investment as possible.
Landscape Design Studios will work with you to adjust the design as we go, and tailor it to your expectations. We will create a Budget Study that frames the cost of the project and options as the design is completed.


With the plans finalized and budget approved, Landscape Design Studios will work with you in selecting the best installers that you wish to build your project. We will bring in a team of some of the most talented and best owner-operator contractors in the Twin Cities to look at the project closely with us. We will build it to our highest expectations. We will command from them a fair and honest price, as framed in our Budget Study for the project.